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Why is my About Us page important?
Although ecommerce has some incredible benefits, like convenience, efficiency and ease of access, two areas it doesn’t naturally excel are warmth and personability. Thankfully, online stores can still match the personal touch of the best brick and mortar stores by doing one thing: telling their stories. That’s where your About Us page comes in. Your About Us page is one part autobiographical, one part educational and all parts human and personal to your customers. It showcases the background of your company, and takes your customer on the journey that has led to your business. Plus, it builds brand trust and loyalty, as well as sets you apart from your competition. Given how much they do, your About Us page is just about the last page you’d want to leave blank.   How to build your About Us page Creating an About Us page should be relatively easy. With Volusion’s ecommerce software, editing your About Us page is as easy as it can be. In order to populate your About Us page, your first step is to head to your store admin. From there, find the Design tab and click on Site Content. Then, on the Update Content: Articles page, find the Company Information section and look for ID 1, which should be labeled AboutUs.asp, and click on the number 1. Now you can customize your About Us page by writing copy or HTML in the Article Body. For those of you who would an HTML-heavier page, use the HTML Editor to easily produce HTML for formatted text and images. Once you’ve made all the changes you’ve liked, hit Save to bring it to life. - See more at: http://onlinebusiness.volusion.com/articles/how-to-build-an-about-us-page-with-examples/#sthash.Ov9GuNYY.dpuf


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