Here is our list of Partners working together to give you our customers a discount and benefit.


Hoyme Consulting

Affordable massage therapy stock photos and videos, with no strings attached!
Ryan's services include;
Stock Pictures, Stock Videos, Customized Videos, Customized Pictures, Social Media Services
Business Help
One on One help with your business, via Skype.
Here are some things I can help you with:
  • Social media.
    Setting it up, teach you how to manage it, what content to post, create some Timeline banners and more.
  • Learn about YouTube.
    I can also make you a YouTube banner for your channel.
  • Learn how to make videos (What to do and what not to do).
  • Business help.
    I am not an accountant, so I can’t help you with those kind of questions.  My goal is to make you as proficient as possible, so I will teach you how to do the things you KNEAD…so you don’t have to pay people on a regular basis. - Scan Receipts and Business CardsShoeboxed

Just a little bit about Shoeboxed: We are the best online platform for organizing receipts and business cards. Customers mail us receipts and business cards, which we scan and upload into a secure online account on Users may also submit receipts and business cards to their accounts via mobile phone including our iPhone, iPad and Android apps.


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