How To - BusinessOwner/Manager Create Services

Create the services which you offer your customers for scheduling


1. Login as BusinessOwner/Manager > Catalog > Services


2. Here you can Insert, Copy, Edit or Delete the services you offer your customers.


3. The General tab you specify;
Service Name: This is what your customers will see as the service name being offered.
Description: Use this field to give a short or long description of your service.  You can use different colours, hyperlinks, HTML and even add images.


4. The Data tab is a very important tab when configuring the service.
Price: What your customers see as the price for your service able to be schedule.
Image: This is the primary image your customers see related to this service
Status: The service can be created and enabled or disable.  Maybe your business is between staff members able to perform a specific service.  Instead of deleting the service you can just Disable the service.
Need to register?: Does your customer need to register on your site before booking a service?
Does the customer need to pay before?: With this setting your customer can be required or have the option to pre-pay before completing the appointment booking process.









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