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Posted On: Nov. 01, 2014
It is super easy to import your client list. Simply go to Business > Clients and you will see a list of existing clients if there already are clients registered in your business. In the upper right corner you will find “Import” button. Press that button, you will then see "You can download the CSV File format here", click on the word "here". You can then specify where you want to save the file on your computer, then open the file and populate the columns with each of your clients details. Once you are done with populating the file you can simply go back to the Importing Clients page, select the Browse and locate your saved file from your computer and upload it. These feilds are the required fields for successful client import: FIRST NAME LAST NAME E-MAIL PHONE USERNAME PASSWORD You can see with the image the below you just include the following field information for each: Email and Username field both use the email address of your client FIRST NAME LAST NAME E-MAIL PHONE USERNAME PASSWORD BIRTHDAY ADDRESS CITY POSTAL/ZIP CODE COUNTRY REGION/STATE SUBSCRIBE It's as easy as that! ..
Posted On: Feb. 08, 2014
We have recently added a Business Guide, this guide will help businesses setup and configure their Simply Appointments site. Once you have completed the Business Guide you will be ready to accept appointments for your services you offer. We also have a Youtube channel which you can see some videos we have which will also help you. ..
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