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Posted On: Sep. 25, 2013
We are happy you stopped by to check out Simply Appointments. We have talked to thousands of Massage Therapists at many conferences in order to design and build Simply Appointments for YOU..... This is why we have features that will help you run your solo or your small business. We will save you time and money in a very short period. Answer me this, how much time do you spend dealing with your customers and making their appointments? 5-20min for each customer? 10-60min a day just dealing with scheduling? Did you go to school to be a receptionist or a therapist? So stop being a receptionist and playing the game of tag with your phone, email and sms/txt. Save your time, and with that time you saved do something you like and enjoy doing. Use this time you saved to improve your wellness, don't you deserve it? Maybe even go and get a massage. :) ..
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