How To - BusinessOwner/Manager set staff schedule timing


This is how you can set staff scheding and available or busy time.

1. Login as BusinessOwner/Staff/Manager/Receptionist



2. Select the Business Timings which will allow open Staff Timing dashboard



3. Select the Staff member to configure the Available/Busy time slots.  Can configure a single time slot or reoccurring time slots to be Available/Busy.

In Step2 of this screenshot you can use your mouse to drag the start/end time right on the calendar as well.



4. In the step above if the start/end time of the Available/Busy time slot create is not the exact time you desire you can edit the slot and manually set the start/end time period.  You also have the abiltity to change any other setting you wish at this time as well for this slot.
Specify the location this slot is Available/Busy for,  Repeat the Available/Busy time, etc..

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