How To - BusinessOwner/Manager Set Appointment for Customer

Set Appointment for customer

Imagine the customer calls or communicates with you and your office in another manner (txt, email).  This will show how you can set the appointment on behalf of the customer.


1.  While logged in as BusinessOwner/Manager/Receptionist select Appointments > New Appointment



2.  Type in any of the Clients contact information into one of the fields and the the Client you are searching for will automatically appear allowing you to select the customer and select Next


3.  Select the Package and Service the Client is requesting to make an appointment for.  Select Next when done.



4.  Select the Location the Client wants to go for their appointment.
You can search for the staff and or select from the list.  This Staff is the staff that is assigned to work at the location you selected and assigned to such services being requested.  Not all staff can perform all services, that have to be assigned.


5.  Double Click on a Green area (Available for appointment/booking).  How you can specify the exact time the client will start their appointment.  It is also very important to Notice the Legend.

Save > Next > Save Appointment.

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