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Price and Cost Questions

No, there are no hidden costs. We will be implementing a SMS feature and this will cost extra if you choose to send reminders via SMS. Email reminders are FREE.

Do you want to?  :)   We expect you don't so the answer is.....  No. You will not be penalized for ending your subscription at any point.  No long-term commitment is required.  We provide the service on a month-to-month subscription basis.

Yup...  Your right leg and left arm.  But really, if you don't wanna use Simply Appointments for some reason you can just stop using it.  We do need 14 days notice just to stop any prepaying method.  We don't wanna get into the mess of you paying for something you're not using, so contact us and let us know.  We would also love to know why you're cancelling as we would prefer to work with you and solve the problem if there is one rather than lose your business.

No.  We know other companies take a percentage of payments you receive from customers but we feel that is your money and not ours.  We don't like being nickel and dimed so we don't nickel and dime our customers.

We also back this up by giving each individual Business Owner the option as to what features/modules they want within their configuration.

New graduates get SIX MONTHS free use of Simply Appointments of any plan!!! We realize it is hard to get your business going after you graduate, let us help you become successful.

Please share with your friends, classmates, teachers and anyone else you think will benefit from having Simply Appointments for FREE....
Please like our FB page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Simply-Appointments/189187071105030

Your billing cycle starts from the day your free trial is over.  We will send out an Invoice before the trial is over giving you time to pay the invoice before the trial is up.

Payment is due at the beginning of your service month.  What this means is if your monthly payment is on the 1st of each month then you will pay January 1st for the month of January service.

If payment is not received and your account has been disabled there is a re-enablement fee.  Please pay your invoice on time so you don't have to pay this fee.



It is possible to customize the website language for my customers? (Not the services but the links and the other things that they see a part of what I input.)

Our module Google Translation provides this service.  https://www.simplyappointments.com/modules/google-translate

This module will add the power of Google Translation to your website. Automatically detects your page language and provides translation of your pages for all the languages that Google provides.

Special Offers with Count Down Timer and Slider Module is included with Paid Plans

Special Offers with CountDown Timer and Slider

This module allows you to promote special offers, providing a countdown timer and a slider easy to customize.
Image you have a product or service which is available and with this module you can get a customer instead of no customer.
This module will pay for it's self the first time!

SOAP Notes (an acronym for subjective, objective, assessment, and plan) is a method of documentation employed by health care providers to write out notes in a patient's chart, along with other common formats, such as the admission note. Documenting patient encounters in the medical record is an integral part of practice workflow starting with patient appointment scheduling, to writing out notes, to medical billing.

  • Using appropriate abbreviations can speed up the process of documentation.
  • Abbreviations use industry standard which are the format billing companies accept.
  • SOAP Notes Print to PDF ability
  • Personal Health Information (PHI) is fully encrypted as required for HIPAA.
  • Notes are integrated with your client list and appointment system.
  • Client Intake Form
  • 256-bit SSL Encryption, Encrypted Data, Intrusion Detection Monitoring, 3rd Party Security Audits.
  • Fully Web based.
  • Create and access your clinical notes online.



Paypal Pro Module is included with Paid Plans

PayPal Payments Pro is an affordable website payment processing solution for businesses with 100+ orders/month.

This module will add the power of Google Translation to your website.

  • Automatically detects your page language and provides translation of your pages for all the languages that Google provides.
  • You can select the Layout, Position, Status and Sort Order for the module through the Administration panel.

Custom HTML Module is included with Paid Plans

With this module you add custom HTML area. You can insert adds, youtube videos, etc.  You can think of it as an iFrame.

Blog Module is included with Paid Plans

Blog System, lets you have a blogging system within Simply Appointments.  You can use this to blog and communicate with your customers.  This will also help you replace your current website.

Modules: Blog Search, Blog Category, Blog Links (blogrolls), Latest Posts, Flexible Script


Newsletter Builder Module is included with Paid Plans

Newsletter Builder allow you to customize everything.

Forgot about old newsletter modules.

You can customize:
logo, facebook link, twitter
sections included as : 
special offers
new arrival
auto import products from a category
or choose products yourself
colors: choose your colors for newsletter
functions like: preview, send now or schedule sending

Coupon System Module is included with Paid Plans

Provide your customers a coupon code to enter during the checkout confimation process so the discount will be deducted from the total.

Special Price Countdown Timer Module is included with Paid Plans

Special Price Countdown Timer
When you have a product or service with a special price for a limited period of time you may need a countdown timer. Special Price Countdown Timer will show your visitors how much time they have until promotion will expire making them rush to buy the product or schedule the service.
This module will pay for it's self the first time.
Appointment Scheduling Questions

No, not at this time.  They can create multiple appointments though.

Based on your schedule being Available appointments can be schedule up until December 31, 2017.
That's over 3yrs from today!
  1. When you configure time slots you can configure them as Available or Appear as Busy.
  2. Available, allows the time slot to be scheduled for an appointment.
  3. Available changes to Busy after the Available slot has been scheduled as an appointment.
  4. Appear as Busy, appears as Busy to the enduser.  This can be used to schedule slots for days you have a personal appointment or if you want to appear more busy than you are or just want to take the morning off.
General Questions

Damn right it does! You must have already thought about it if you made it this far on our site.

Size makes no difference at Simply Appointments!  We know some companies have different feature plans for different sized companies but with Simply Appointments you all get the same features and can purchase additional modules as needed.

It doesn't matter if your company has a staff of 1 or way more, you can pick and choose your modules that you want and need.

We realize this is the biggest concern our customers have. The whole site is protected using SSL certs (same protection as banks), each user also is authenticated with their email/password.

As for fake and bogus appointments, we have built the logic right into the product to help eliminate this concern. Approval methods are based on new customers, missed appointments, manual approval along with auto approval.  We feel the chance of your office getting a fake/bogus appointment using Simply Appointments is less likely then if someone were to pick up the phone and call you.

Nope, This is an online SaaS (Software as a Service) application running on the internet in that thing called the cloud.  Basically it is an internet application like your online banking is.

We are constantly improving the product but if you have a suggestion or require a feature please just contact us.

Nothing!!! There is no over, you are not charged for extra appointments.  It doesn't matter if you make 1 or 10000 appointments.

You select the currency you want, we are not limiting our customers.

All languages are supported as we support Google Translation as a Paid Module each Business can purchase.

NO!!!  We do not believe you or your customers should have to put up with advertisements on your pages.  Simply Appointments is a productivity tool not an advertisement machine.

Now, if you are not a paying customer we will have advertising on the free plan.  We need to off set the costs somehow.  If you don't want ads on your business page for you or your customers to see you can always use the paid version.


Yes, you can include your logo and use the Theme Control Panel to set the colors of your site.  Each Staff member can upload their own picture to their profile.

Theme Control Panel controlled by the admin area – allows you to set unlimited color combinations, full control over the colors of the site elements, custom background colors.

We offer free tech support just Contact Us.

No, you can use this site as your Internet Presence. Just let your customers know about your online booking service. If you do have a website you can add the HTML to it to create a link on your website.

Reminders are sent automatically configured based on the schedule you choose.  You can send multiple reminders from 30min to 2weeks before the appointment.


The screenshot below shows the detail that can be used when creating a Service and the second screenshot is when creating an equipment resource which can be assigned to a Service.




3rd Party Integration (Google, Website, Facebook, Paypal, etc) Questions

Yes!!! Calendar entries can be downloaded right after the appointment is created and you will also receive it in an email to import into your calendar in Outlook or any other mail client being used.  For companies who configure appointments for manual approval the calendar entries are set as 'Tentative' and change to busy once the appointment is approved.

We offer payment gateway with paypal and paypal pro. Also, you can allow customers to choose the option of paying later at the time of the appointment if you wish to offer. So it's really customized in favor of businesses offering a variety of services. The gateway we offer requires you to setup a merchant account with the company, if you want to avoid this the gateway system offers your customers the option to use their credit card to pay for service(s).

Simply Appointments does not process payments, we leave this to the experts like Paypal.

Optional Payment setting, we suggest if you use this you provide the customer with a discount to entice them to pre-pay allowing you to get paid even if the customer does not show for their appointment.


  • We have a book now button, we supply you the HTML that you can add to your website.  This will allow your customers to click the book now button and take them to your website on Simply Appointments.
  • You can also configure your website with an iFrame and link your websites iFrame to any Simply Appointments page you wish.  You can have the iFrame on your website list just the services you offer.  We can always help to guide you with configuring your iFrame however it is best to consult your website developer.

Example of the HTML code:
<div style="width:180px;"><a href="http://www.simplyappointments.com/simply_appointments" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.simplyappointments.com/image/data/external_logo_link.gif" border="0" /><span style="text-align:center;display:block;font-weight:bold">Simply Appointments</span></a></div>


Yes,  We provide the the steps you need to create a Facebook tab which your customers can use to book an appointment.

This Module syncronizes your busy/booked slots to your Google Calendar, we only sync from the accounts which perform services.  

(We do not store your Google password within Simply Appointments!)

The sync is performed only in one direction: Simply Appointments -> Google Calendar.

If the user modifies/removes one of the events in his google calendar, the corresponding appointments will remain intact without any change in Simply Appointments.  A manual update can occur to push/sync the Simply Appointments calendar event to Google Calendar simply by going to "Appointment" --> "Google Sync" and clicking on "Update".

Skype Module is included with Paid Plans

Chatting with your clients makes them buy more.

This module integrates Skype into your Simply Appointments site. All you have to do is to enter your Skype ID in Modules->Skype.

Make sure Allow My Status To be Shown on the Web is enabled:

From Main Skype window do Tools -> Options -> Privacy. If there is a "Show Advanced Options" button click on it. Make sure that the "Allow My Status To be Shown on the Web" chcekbox is checked. Click the Save Button.

The above needed to be set to allow the Status button to be used properly.

Social Media Buttons Module is included with Paid Plans

With this module your customers can share your page via social networks like facebook, twitter or google+.

Simply Appointments is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly.  Our system is search optimised allowing pages to be indexed by all major search engines and includes support for custom product and category META tags.

Typically your business will be indexed by Google and other Search engines within 7days.  If you have a unique business name there is no reason your Simply Appointments business page will not be on Page 1 of a search result.

Having a high search engine ranking for your the keywords related to your services and products can mean the difference if your business.

We will make it easy for your business to get found on the Internet.

Some suggestions to get found on the first page:

  • Use a unique Business Name
    • This is Not a unique business name.  ie; Wellness Massage
    • Use as unique business name as you can.  Even add the city in the name.
    • Use your full name and the city you service.
Service Offering Configurations Questions

Simply Appointments includes the logic to take into account the cleaning time, break time and travel time based on your settings.

This means that if your Service offering is 45min but you have Cleaning time=10min, Break time=15min and Travel time=40min then our system calculates you being busy for 45min+10min+15min+40min=110min.

This means that your schedule will show you as Busy for 110min if this 45min service is booked.

Please see the "How To - BusinessOwner/Manager Create Services"



Yes it is.  Our Equipment Resources ability allows the business to setup rules assigned to equipment.

The equipment resources are assigned to services that your company is offering your customers.  If a equipment resource is not available then the service is also not available.

As an example, if you have 1 room and 3 staff members who share the room.  If a service is booked that has the room assigned to it than the other staff members cannot perform any services that require that room.

Additionally, services cannot even be scheduled and will not appear as an option for your customers to see or book since it is not available to be scheduled.

You can also see our Youtube Videos.


  • Each Staff member performing services can have their own schedule.
  • Services have to be assigned to Staff members,
    • The reason for this is not all staff members are not certified and or able to provide some services.
  • Appointment slots will only display when an appointment is being created if and only if there is a time slot that meets all the criteria.


Account Questions

To create an account go to the to register section or click here and fill in the form and you can start to shop.

Login into your account and choose option "Edit account".  You can also use Forgot Password.

Please contact us via the Contact Us page.  We are interesting in understanding how we can help you and why you would want to delete your business registration.

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