Appointment system saves your time

How can an appointment system actually help your business and save you time?  Will an appointment system really work?

  • Imagine that you are helping a customer and the phone rings.  do you answer it?  do you let it go to voice mail if they leave a msg?
  • Imagine you get a text message while helping a customer, what do you do?
  • Are potential or current customers calling you for an appointment when you are out with the kids or shopping for some shoes or licorice?  Now you really wanna answer the phone when you are trying to see how soft that licorice is don't you?   :)
  • An online appointment system is not going to replace or stop all the emails, text, voice mails or phone calls but it will help to reduce them.
  • Those customers who want to call you and book still can, you just set their appointment within the system for them.
  • If you don’t think an online appointment system will work ask your friends when the last time they used a physical paper phone book.  They will most likely tell you they have not in a long time.  What I am trying to show you is that things like phone books are so 1990 and the world is moving to all online.
  • Think about when you make your appointment for your kids doctor, dentist appointments or even the car appointment.  Isn’t that such a fun telephone call to make?   And think of the 10minutes or more it took, a great waste of time.
  • Now imagine your customers being able to see your availability based on what you enter and book and appointment and even prepay.
  • You know they will get appointment reminders as well as already being paid.  So here you have just saved your time booking the appointment and almost 100% sure your customer will be at their appointment.

Does this sound like something you have to go through ever?


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