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Massage Therapies

Price lists can get confusing, and there are many techniques and modalities used in massage therapy to enhance wellness or address specific problem areas.

Although one could have just a "deep tissue", "sports", or myofascial release", in reality a good treatment may include elements of all these techniques and more. I will often combine these techniques as appropriate, and there is no extra charge.

In fact it is extremely important before performing any deep techniques, or trigger therapies, to warm up the area gently at first, just as it is important for an athlete to warm up before sports, in order to avoid injury.  Just digging the elbows into a sore spot may feel like it's doing something, but often that is more hurt than healing if muscle tissue is not warmed up correctly.

When you first come for a massage, I will do a quick health assessment and needs assessment with you - this will both ensure you are treated safely without added injury, and will enable a continuiing record to monitor progress or share with other health professionals where appropriate with permission. 

I have listed some specific variations, such as pregnancy, and massage for oedema (swelling, mainly in the legs). These require a little more setting up to achieve the best results.

If you don't see something, and you'd like to know more, just ask!

Massage can benefit your quality of life in many ways.

At the most basic level, relaxation (reduction of stress) has many proven health benefits.

Research has shown massage to have a beneficial effect on blood pressure and heart rate, reduced anxiety or depression, and of course pain relief.  Realeased endorphins and serotonin can not only reduce pain, but improve flow of lymph and improve sleep patterns.

Massage can have a beneficial effect on scar tissue, and the gentle relief of adhesions.

Another major benefit is the reduction of pain from musculoskeletal injuries, or after surgeries or cancer therapy (often in collaboration with other health professionals). Many tension headaches and migraines can be relieved completely with massage techniques, or at least lessened in intensity.

Massage stimulates healing blood flow and the removal of cellular waste products from muscle tissue and fascia. It can help clear muscles of painful lactic acid - even more so with targeted trigger point therapy. It can reduce fluid retention in the body, and associated weight and stress on body systems.

It can improve muscle tone - particularly during periods of inactivity. Especially good for the ill or bed bound client.

Massage simply assists the body to heal itself. In more complicated medical cases it may enhance the use of other medicines or treatments.

Aromatherapy pure essential oils used in many treatments are chosen often for not just the beneficial effects of the fragrance, but the medicinal effects of absorbtion through the skin. This is one of many reasons why an assessment including allergies is necessary.

Most of all though - it makes you feel good. And you deserve that :)

Most of my massage techniques are best done directly on the skin with oil for achieving optimum results.  Natural non allergenic base oils are used, but I will also usually choose an essential oil, or blend, to enhance the benefits of the massage.

I usually do not charge extra for aromatherapy as I see it as part of the massage and have several blends ready at a time, but if special requests are made there may be a small charge applicable. Best to mention this before the appointment to check availability, and avoid wasting appointment time on "potions class" while I blend something new! 

Aromatherapy is seen by many as "nice smelling perfumes". And that is all some cheap oils are - fragrances.  However the oils I use are pure essential oils with qualities that provide benefits through being absorbed though the skin. They are picked carefully and with thought to best wellness outcomes. (Plus you'll usually leave smelling nice!)

Massage therapies and nursing go back many centuries, in fact thousands of years, as healing and wellness partners. Histories can be found in libraries and on the internet!

I come to Massage Therapy as a Registered Nurse, with post graduate (University) qualifications in health and Emergency Nursing care. I am also certified in Massage Therapy Practice. I believe in ongoing education and learning so am pursuing study and research in nursing and massage while I work. I will probably never stop learning, and enjoy passing on the benefits of this.

From a healthcare perspective, initial appointments will include a basic health assessment to ensure massage is safe and appropriate for you, and address any specific needs. Other nursing health checks and services can be provided as needed.  Simple things like blood pressure checks can easily be done at time of a massage treatment.  

If any concern arises I will not hesitate to refer you to an appropriate healthcare professional.

For most massage therapies it is best to remove all but the jocks, briefs or knickers, however you will undress in privacy and be draped for privacy, safety, comfort and warmth at all times using several huge towelling bath sheets. Only the area of the body being worked on at any one time need be exposed, and at no time are 'private areas' revealed.  That is not necessary.

The comfort of you, the client, is paramount. Short seated massages are usually done through the clothing.

If for any reason you wish to remain clothed or partly clothed I will do my best to work around this and still achieve a good therapeutic outcome. Obviously aromatherapy oils and clothes don't mix and the quality of hands on therapy is compromised by working through clothing. However if you do prefer to be clothed, please wear loose fitting items for your own comfort and the best possible treatment.

A full body massage is just that. Almost. The private areas, eg groin and breasts, are not a necessary part of a body massage and will not be touched or exposed. The back, shoulders, neck, head, face, arms, hands, upper buttocks (glutes), abdomen, legs and feet are all included, and the benefits of massage often go well beyond the area being worked on. As stated above, only the area worked on will be exposed at any one time.

NO !

Massage therapy is a health and wellness profession.

If you're after something else, this is not the place.

Services are run under the guidelines of codes of ethics for massage therapy practioners and also nursing.  (See Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, Australian Association of Massage Therapists, Australian Natural Therapy Association etc)

Massage is a "hands on" modality, and as such is a sensual experience. It does feel good to be touched and cared for, in addition to the therapeutic benefits of improved circulaton, endorphin release and toxic waste clearing... but there is nothing sexual in a professional massage.

Yes, there is a TV show of this name. You are not one!

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, colours and personalities.

They are all beautiful and deserve to be looked after well for the YOU within!

Our friends at "Rockabilly Body" are a "Body hate free zone" and anywhere I travel for mobile massage encompasses this non-judgemental ideal.  Even my portable table is capable of holding well over 200kg plus the massage work pressure, so no limits. Anything is possible.

If you do have an issue you would like nursing advice on, that is fine, and if something is of concern (changing spots, swelling, or infection for example) I'll help refer you on to proper care.

But no. You are not too big, or too small, for a massage, that birthmark or tattoo is just awesome, and, well, what would a masseur do without skin??? 

Very occasionally there may be a contra-indication for massage. Most commonly serious infections (wait until the swine flu has died down please), but often some things just require a different approach. Varicose veins (works of leg art) for instance are worked around gently, but don't mean you can't relax. Swelling can often be improved, while an open wound may be avoided until healed. (Perhaps I can help with the dressing). Usually what we'll find is that massage can help in some way, and every body deserves a massage.

Mobile Service

There are many reasons this can suit you.

Simply from a relaxation perspective, as a de-stress treat, which also has health benefits, not having to walk far, drive a car, fight through a busy shopping mall or do anything at all means you can benefit fully from the beneficial effects of massage therapy.

If you are receiving massage for pain relief, or for other medical reasons, again leaving home can be anything from just added stress and pain, to an exacerbation of your condition. So for medical massage, a home therapy is often good. Also visits to nursing homes for loved ones can be arranged with permission of the staff working there too.


Mobile services do cost a little extra. But the benefits of not having to travel yourself usually outweigh the travel cost of the therapist coming to you.

The flexibility of the online booking system allows you to see what times are still available and book accordingly.  I've added my content, but don't have comlete control and sometimes things can go wrong.

To be safe, when you have booked, send me an email [email protected] with your name, address, contact number and booking time. I will confirm.

The system should do this automatically, but while it's new I don't want anyone missing out because of a technical glitch!  The comment section of the booking fields is also a good place to insert your address again, as it then may show up on my google calendar! 

In the end, I'll rely on a GPS or map to find you. So any clear instructions are good, and a number to call just in case.

Although I have a business phone listed, obviously I can't answer this while offering someone a relaxing massage, so email is preferred. If not, just send me a sms and I'll get back asap!

This can be arranged. Best done plenty of time ahead, and could just be for a family group, or for a party or function. 

Imagine treating your bridesmaids or groomsmen to a relaxing massage on the morning of a wedding, as a thank you, and just to help things go smoothly and relaxed!

Or after the reception. As a thank you...

The possibilities are endless. Best to email well in advance with an idea of what you would like and when - we'll see what can be done!

Contact Matthew, [email protected]

Clinic Services

(Firstly, don't worry if home's a mess - not everyone has the time or budget of 'Better Homes and Gardens" - this is a non-judgemental service!)


An on site clinic room is being planned now, and will be available very soon.

I am teaming up with Rockabilly Body, 32 Tapleys Hill Road, Royal Park, to provide a clinic experience.  This also means that you could combine a visit and receive several services at once.

More details here shortly...

It does enable a small saving (I don't need to fill up the van with liquid gold petrol so much) and I can also offer some services that aren't suited to mobile work. Mainly this means shorter targeted massages are possible without the cost of travel added in. Some specialised treatments are also safer to provide in the clinic setting. And well, getting out can be good too.
Rockabilly Body is easily accessible with on and off street parking, near shops for convenience, but not inside a busy stressfull shopping mall. (In fact it's not that far from the beach for a full summertime relaxation day!)

Sorry. There's only one of me! Between the clinic at Royal Park, and a mobile service that covers most of Adelaide, hopefully I can meet most needs.  However if I cannot, I am quite happy to refer you to another therapist or health professional who may be able to.

Cost and Payments

The easiest way to pay is online with our booking system.

Paypal allows you to use your registered accounts or a one off credit card payment, all in a secured setting. 

Also I will offer facebook and web specials from time to time which require prepayment.

Cash is always gratefully received, although I will only carry small amounts of change.

These things happen. Kids, pets, weather, cars...

But if you have a booking it prevents someone else from booking.

We all miss out. So try to be fair.

Refunds for cancellations within 24 hours will only be made if the appointment can be subsequently filled. Partial refunds will be subject to discretion.  Prior to this time it should be possible to make a change to your booking time online.


From time to time there may be various offers.

One such offer is the business card with ten boxes on the rear.

Keeping this simple, after ten appointments, of any length, you will receive a free hour long relaxation massage session as a thank you. 


Many places offer something like this, but often it's tied to how much you have spent each time. Too complicated for now - come back ten times and get a full hour!!!!


*May be subject to change of the offer in the future

More Questions

I believe everybody can benefit from massage therapy and wellness of body,mind and spirit.

Your sexuality, body changes, piercings, tatts, race, gender, social background all have nothing to do with the fact you still have a body to look after, and a beautiful one too.

Non judgemental. It only needs a mention if you think it relevant (eg an infected piercing or recent operation), so please do not worry about who you are!

Sure. They have bodies too, and often sports injuries, growing oains etc.

A parent or guardian can be present, and I'll get your permission as well as theirs!  Easy.

Some "special needs" kids can really benefit from the calming touch of massage - an area I'd like to do more research in!

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